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Twyce Map

Monday, 17/10/2022 - 15:00
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About Twyce Map

Twyce is a challenging logical puzzle map for Minecraft. Twyce is different from what you expect. Where other puzzle maps start you out with a tutorial, Twyce Map uses a minimalistic approach with carefully crafted levels that teach you everything you need to know via gameplay instead of text. Where other puzzle maps throw rage-inducing timing based parkour at you, Twyce is souly about using your brain and not your muscle memory. Where other puzzle maps confuse you with non-euclidian architecture, Twyce realizes that logical problems in an illogical environment can only be solved with the help of brute-force and not by logic alone. And where other puzzle maps give you a reset button to recover from failure states and softlocks, Twyce uses smart level design so puzzles simply have no failure states.

Twyce is about applying logic in an environment where the goal is to get a block into a certain position, but the only way to do so is to evaluate the situation and figure out how to use your limited amount of blocks to help you out.


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For 1.9



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