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Visibility 2 Resource Pack

Saturday, 17/09/2022 - 06:00
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About Visibility 2 Resource Pack

Minecraft has changed a lot since Thinkr started the pack. There are so many more blocks than there used to be, you can seldom distinguish a block simply by color. Visibility 2 Resource Pack will be vigorously updated focusing on *visibility*, even for those with color-blindness issues. For instance, i’ve changed the ores to have different shapes, so you don’t need color to distinguish them all.

Note that the Mosaic effect is all done with the block-model system. Optifine or MCPatcher are not needed.
Visibility hasn’t yet been completely overhauled, many of the items are borrowed from my other pack, Lithos:Core. -eleazzaar-

How to install Visibility 2 Pack?

Download links for Visibility 2 Resource Pack:



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