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Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Saturday, 05/11/2022 - 18:00
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Zombie Apocalypse Mod. Once you get in game, you better hurry, gather gear, weapons, tools and everything you can. Get ready, for the Apocalypse.

The Zombies:

Zombie Tank!

Athletic Zombie!

Archer Zombie! WIP (Work In Progress)

Wolf Zombie!

Wizard Zombie!

Miner Zombie!



Ghoul Soul!

Dropped by Ghouls. Very useful when you need to go outside at night to gather some materials. On right click you consume it, giving you 30 seconds of invisibility, you better go grab what ever you need, and do it quick.

Lich’ Sword!

A very rare drop from a Lich Mini Boss, Very powerful sword! Not to be crafted because it is so powerful!

Wizard Hood!

This is just a decorative item that you wear on your head! It is a rare drop on the Wizard Zombie!

Wizard Wand!

This item/weapon shoots fireballs! Crafted by 2 sticks and a Fire Charge, you will have the most fun of your life!

(Also a rare drop on the new mob Wizard Zombie!)

(The Crafting Recipe is a bit cheap but, Ill be adding more items for it soon!)

Crafting Recipe for Wizard Wand:

Zombie Detector!

It will detect any type of zombie within a 26 block radius, if there is one it acts like a compass, the whole zombie detector turns red stating there is a zombie near by. If there is not one the whole zombie detector turns green stating there isn’t a zombie near by.

Crafting Recipe for Zombie Detector:

How to install:

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Zombie Apocalypse Mod Changelogs:


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