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ClothingCraft Mod

Tuesday, 16/08/2022 - 15:00
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ClothingCraft Mod allows you to make customized, colored clothing that looks realistic and is a great new addition to your Minecraft world/server.

Have you ever wanted a more realistic Minecraft world? Or do you want something to do and something that you can customize? This mod aims to solve that problem by adding fully customizable clothes.

Clothing Information:

You have a huge amount of clothing combinations available for you. To start off, you can make your very own shirt. It can either have dots or stripes for decoration. Your shirt will also have a base color, a decoration (trim) color, and a sleeve color. Pants can only have one color, but shoes can have two (one for the top and one for the soles).

There are 22 different types of fabric in this mod. Fabric is an item that is essential to making clothing and is used for every clothing article possible.

ClothingCraft Mod Screenshots:

ClothingCraft Mod Showcase:

Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod


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Fabric is derived from wool and has many colors (as said above). To make some white fabric, put two white pieces of wool in the crafting grid to get 4 white fabric. You can use vanilla dyes or combine fabrics to get the desired color.

Fabric Guide

Black Fabric

White Fabric + Ink Sac

Dark Gray Fabric

Gray Fabric + Black Fabric

Gray Fabric

White Fabric + Gray Dye
White Fabric + Black Fabric

Light Gray Fabric
White Fabric + Light Gray Dye
White Fabric + Gray Fabric

Yellow Fabric

White Fabric + Dandelion Yellow

Bright Yellow Fabric

Yellow Fabric + White Fabric

Mustard Yellow Fabric

Yellow Fabric + Orange Fabric

Orange Fabric

White Fabric + Orange Dye
Yellow Fabric + Red Fabric

Red Fabric

White Fabric + Rose Red

Pink Fabric

White Fabric + Pink Dye

Dark Pink Fabric

Pink Fabric + Gray Fabric

Blue Fabric

White Fabric + Lapis Lazuli

Light Blue Fabric

White Fabric + Light Blue Dye
White Fabric + Blue Fabric

Dark Blue Fabric

Blue Fabric + Dark Gray Fabric

Turquoise Fabric

Blue Fabric + Yellow Fabric

Violet Fabric

White Fabric + Purple Dye

Purple Fabric

Violet Fabric + Light Gray Fabric

Royal Violet Fabric

Purple Fabric + Dark Gray Fabric

Brown Fabric

White Fabric + Cocoa Beans

Beige Fabric

Brown Fabric + Light Gray Fabric

Dark Beige Fabric

Beige Fabric + Light Gray Fabric

Crimson Fabric

Pink Fabric + Red Fabric


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In order to make a shirt you will need to make the sleeves. To make 2 sleeves, you will need to put the following in the crafting grid:

After that, choose:

  1. What will your base color be?
  2. What will your trim color be?
  3. What style will you use (stripes or dots)?

Use the crafting table. A = base color, T = trim color, and B = a button.

If you want stripes then use:
[A T] [ABT] [ABT]

If you want dots then use:
[T T] [ABA] [ABA]

Now you have made your shirt base!

Combine the base and sleeves together in the crafting grid like so:

S = Sleeves

B = Base

This can be done on any row.

Congratulations! You have created your first shirt!

If you want pictures then here you go!

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Craft fabric by putting wool in the crafting grid.

Use vanilla dyes to change the color of the fabric.

You can combine two fabrics to get a new color.

In order to make a shirt, you’ll need some buttons.

Then, craft the main piece of your shirt. This way I’m using a striped shirt.

For some reason the sleeve crafting didn’t upload. Here it is anyways:

F = fabric with your desired color.

Once you get your sleeves, you can finalize your shirt.

It is fully rendered on your body!

But wait! There’s more! Now you can make your pants

Then make your shoes!

After all that, it’s time to see how you look.

ClothingCraft Mod How to install:

Download Links for ClothingCraft Mod:

For Minecraft 1.7.10



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