Minecraft Maps

Wrath of the Bats Map 1.10.2

Wrath of the Bats Map is a Multiplayer Game/Pvp map For all skill level! Your goal is to be the last player to survive the threats. This Map features TONS of ways to customize the game! such as “Lava Placement Speed”, “Extra Mobs”, “Items”, “Customizable Maps” AND MORE! This map guarantees enjoyment for all because its not just for Pvp Pros it can be for Players who just wanted to Survive because of its Customize Feature! Note:

One Day Map 1.9.4

Welcome to horror map “One Day Map”… There is one level in total. One village, one accident, five chests! Your Mission – find all 5 chests!

Malbona’s Darkness World Map 1.9.4

Malbona’s Darkness World Map! Your village was attacked and all of the villagers have been turned into zombies by a virus. You must save them by fighting “Malbona”, the girl who wants to use her zombie virus for the purpose of dominating the entire world and turning it into darkness forever! This map requires the Conquest 1.9 Resource Pack.

Exchanging Theory Map 1.10.2

Exchanging Theory Map! A strange map where to go you have to solve a puzzle and after doing this using the same puzzle to make a parkour.

Dont Slip Map 1.10.2

Dont Slip Map is a ice parkour map with a cache…. you can’t shift! Can you keep your balance till the end of this epic ice parkour? With 8 levels there will be enough to keep you challenged!

Randomized Parkour Map 1.10.2

In Randomized Parkour Map you can generate a random parkour out of a 10x32x10 block of andesite. I wanted to create this map within a day so I tried and this is what I made. The map also has a replay feature that is really buggy, it is recommended to not enable this feature as this will crash your game if the replay is too long.

Turing Programmer Map 1.9.4

Welcome to my new puzzle/sandbox map, Turing Programmer Map!

Find It and Mine It Map 1.10.2

Find It and Mine It Map! When you start, you will be given a diamond pickaxe that can only break variants of stone. In this case, you will be breaking diorite. When you first start the map, you should spawn at 12 4 14. If not, just teleport to those coordinates and you will be brought back to the start of the map. Basic rules, no cheating, single-player, don’t break any blocks you’re not supposed to, and take your time! There’s no need to rage over a simple little puzzle map. And remember, the biggest rule of all, Have Fun!

Highliner Map 1.10.2

Hello, my name is McDic. Let me introduce about my new map, Highliner Map. Highliner is 1v1 Turn-based board game like Go. (Enter here to know what is Go)

The Game of Exits Map 1.10.2

The Game of Exits Map challenges players to find their way around a lava chamber using emerald portals. Special trial rooms throughout provide unique challenges to the player, from agility to memory. Many cool devices, items, and rooms are hidden in the map, waiting to be discovered!