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Spyro Dragon Mod

Saturday, 18/06/2022 - 10:26
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Spyro the Dragon has been around for years, right around the release of the PS1. This mod adds characters from all over the franchise, including the newer Skylanders games.




Hunter drops a bow when killed rarely.


Zoe currently drops clay as a placeholder for something powerful in the next update.

Sergeant Byrd

Sergeant Byrd drops some TNT when he is killed by his enemies!

Gill Grunt

Gill Grunt is a peaceful water creature who, sadly, is currently weaponless.

Gem Thief

These Gem Thieves are weak, stupid creatures, however if you kill enough of them you may get some of their treasure!

Gnasty Gnorc

The powerful, wicked leader of the gnorcs will stop at nothing to destroy you!

Gem Items


Gems are dropped VERY RARELY (1-5% on hard mode) by Gem Thieves. They are very hard to get but can make very powerful equipment if stocked up enough.

Gem Sword

A sword stronger than diamond with 1000 durability, this blade is well worth the time it took to get.

Gem Helmet

A helmet as durable as those chain helms forged by the blacksmiths.

Gem Chestplate

A chestplate as hard as the strongest diamonds.

Gem Leggings

Leggings as good as steel or iron.

Gem Boots

Boots with the abilities of gold.

Gem Block

A block of pure 100% Gems, mainly for storage.




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