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Dead Minecraft Mod

Saturday, 18/06/2022 - 10:43
5 / 5 của 1 đánh giá

It is based on the PS3 game -Dead Island-, and has 39 weapons, 2 structures, 1 firearm, throwable weapons, 6 new kinds of zombies and alot of epicness.




Zombies have several textures each so it’s more realistic. They can all break down doors and are hungry for villager blood. They also only come out at night, due to over spawning. They will not burn.


These guys are tough. Fast and deadly just like in Dead Island.


They will charge straight at you. 105 Health, these guys are some tough cookies.


Traditional zombies. Spawn in packs and are stronger then vanhilla zombies.


Like walkers, these guys spawn in packs, but are more rotten and ugly. These guys can ran very fast.


These guys are seriously messed up. Stay away from them or you will boom.


These guys aren’t to dangerous, but they pack a punch. They are a bit slower then walkers.


These guys will blast through your doors. Stay away from villages at night.

Weapons has a different effect, from throwing them, to wacking machinery to bits or setting certain mobs on fire


These will have mod items in it hidden under the ground.


You have to right click these with steel crowbar’s to open them up. Bug: They will spawn a ghost item





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