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GhostBusters Map

Saturday, 15/10/2022 - 09:00
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AIM of GhostBusters Map

2 players play as the “Ghostbusters”, their job is to capture all of the undead (the other players) who are running rampant throughout the city. The squad members have a time limit to do this in, but can increase the length of the game if needed. The undead can also release fellow undead players who have been capturing, slowing the progress of the Ghosts.


Everyone wishing to join the undead must jump in the pool of water in the spawn room. The game will start when both pressure plates for Ghostbusters members are stood on.


The Ghostbusters: The win, you have to capture all the undead, this is done by simply killing them; they will respawn in the prison.

The Undead: There are 2 ways for the undead to win, either by killing both Ghost members, or by lasting out the time limit.


It is possible for the undead to be set free from the prison, this is done by free undead standing in the circle just outside the cell. A progress bar will tick down, squad members can stop this by pushing them out or by standing in the circle as well. When the bar reaches the bottom, 1 undead will be set free. To release more, step out of the circle, let it reset, then do the same.


The Ghost members can lengthen the time of the game if needed by killing the zombies that spawn throughout the map. If 1 members kills 20 zombies, 1 minute of time is added to the game.


It is the bit building at the top of the map, near the gas station. It is the biggest building on the map, the cell is located at the bottom.


Throughout the map are various vending machines. Everyone can use the one that gives steak, whereas only Ghost members can use the enderpearl machine.

Tip: As the undead, try different team setups with different classes. For example, a tank and 2 sprinters is great for breaking people out of prison, whereas 2 jumpers and a sprinter is better for a fight near the apartment blocks. Some setups may work better than others!

Note: This map was balanced around 7 players, meaning that if there are less players, the Ghost team may have an advantage, and if there are more, the undead might have an advantage. However, this is entirely dependant on the undead team comp.

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