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Harry Potter Wands Mod

Saturday, 20/08/2022 - 21:00
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Harry Potter Wands Mod is a mod designed to add a touch of Harry Potter-style magic into Minecraft. It focuses around wands (obviously), but it may implement other HP-related things at some point. Currently there are 72 wand combinations and 26 different spells that can be used. While the wand combination has no effect on gameplay currently, it’s future use will be explained later in the post.

Harry Potter Wands Mod Wand Crafting:

When a wand is crafted, it requires two wood planks of any implemented type and a “core” object. There are currently 72 wood-core combinations for wands, and more are being added. Simply, the wand item remembers what you crafted it out of. The wood type affects the wand’s texture, and both will eventually affect the “personality” of the wand. A wand’s individual personality may cause extra effects when casting spells, whether bad or good, and depending on the level of difficulty this will take the chosen personality may be random (by individual item), or bound to specific combinations.

Usable Woods:

Usable Cores:

Harry Potter Wands Mod Spells:

Spells are cast by holding a wand and right-clicking. The spell selected by default when a wand is first crafted is Reducto, and the wand remembers the last spell it used. You can cycle through the available spells by sneaking and right-clicking, or by using the left and right arrow keys (default), or you can use the text-recognition based casting method (explained below). Upon casting the spell, the incantation will be put into the chat for you (can be disabled in the config). There are currently 26 spells implemented.

The text-recognition based method of casting is a little GUI. It can be opened by pressing R (default) while holding a wand, and will allow you to cast a spell by typing it’s name (not case sensitive!). This won’t affect what spell is selected on the wand, and if it doesn’t recognize the spell it will simply pop up a little error message in the chat. There is also a config option to disable the default spell-casting method and replace it with this, for more skilled, advanced, and dedicated players.

Information about the individual spells can be found below, or there is also an in-game spellbook packaged with the mod containing information about each spell. The spellbook will update itself when new spells are added, so there’s no need to constantly recraft your book to update it. The spellbook can be crafted with any enchanted book and an Eye of Ender, and can be copied with a book and quill.

Implemented Spells:









Bombarda Maxima




Slugulus Erecto


Point Me




Meteolojinx Recanto


Arania Exumai


Wingardium Leviosa

Unforgivables: (Unforgivables can be disabled through the config and will put a notification with caster and spell in the server console.)



Avada Kedavra

Config Options:


Harry Potter Wands Mod How to install:

Download Links for Harry Potter Wands Mod:

For Minecraft 1.7.2



For Minecraft 1.7.10



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