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Megalithic Construction Mod 1.4.7

Tuesday, 29/11/2022 - 06:00
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Megalithic Construction Mod 1.4.7 adds 16 new blocks (only uses 4 block id’s) to minecraft with the ability to selectively connect and disconnect the block’s textures using 1 of 4 hammer and chisel tools

This gives you the ability to create structures such as castles, walls, monuments, etc… that appear to be created w/ blocks much larger than the standard 1x1x1 block by connecting the textures of adjoining blocks

Screenshots and User Creations:

Here’s a desert ruin using the 3 sandstone blocks

Construction – Series 1:

Stone I, Stone II, Stone III, Stone IV

Some other examples

Construction – Series 2:

Sandstone I, Sandstone II, Sandstone III, Sandstone IV

Some other examples

Construction – Series 3:

White Marble, Green Marble, Rusted Metal, Obsidian

Here’s a sample monument

With v2.0.0 and newer: Roads and paths have been added to the mod. These use the same texture logic as the construction blocks as well as :

Road And Path – Series 1:

Via Appia, Silk Road, Forest Pat

The examples above shows the roads mapped across multiple terrain types. And the
grass color correctly calculated



The only difference between the tools is the material of the chisel blade. Using the different chisels causes the textures of the blocks to be connected between two or more blocks carved w/ the same tool and disconnected from any non-matching ones.

(pardon the placeholder graphics… IANAGA)

Construction – Series 1 :

Construction – Series 2 :

Construction – Series 3 :

Road and Path – Series 1 :


Download Links for Megalithic Construction Mod 1.4.7



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