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More Fun Quicksand Mod 1.7.10

Wednesday, 12/10/2022 - 06:00
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How about, that More Fun Quicksand Mod 1.7.10 adds 18 types of Quicksands? (15 before 1.0.5) That naturally generate around whole world. And if you don’t like any one particular type, you can toggle it’s generation off in the config file. Also More Fun Quicksand Mod adds two types of Hooks as the Rope and GrapplingHook, that is very useful tools to get out of some sticky situations.

More Fun Quicksand Mod Features:

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Every Quicksand block has original properties, colourful texture, sound effects, generation and physics.

There are 5 main parameters that controls the behavior of any type of Quicksand:



Suction power:


Wading Boots (only with Biomes O’ Plenty):

The mechanics of Quicksand is not very simple. But here are some tips for surviving in it:

More Fun Quicksand Mod Types of Quicksands:

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Bog (LiquidBog)


It’s a very weak type of Quicksand. Can be commonly found in swamps. Consists of liquid muck that covered with a thin layer of algae. It’s a very thick mass that can’t hold much weight on surface, but it will slowly suck you down.



This type can be found rarely in snowy biomes. It’s very dangerous, if you are not careful you can get engulfed and suffocate. It’s liquid snow that can’t hold any weight. If you are stuck in it, you will sink very fast and any your movement only make you sink faster.



It’s very loose block of sand. It can be found in desert in various pits or just flat surfaces. It’s very dangerous when you fall into it, because it’s very hard to get out of the pits.



It’s an insidious type of Quicksand. It can be found in wet plains or forests.The Morass is a semi-solid block of mire which is covered with moss. It can hold average weight but in some places the mossy is very weak and if you step in it you will get bogged down. Also cranberry bushes can be found there.

Quicksand (Original)


It’s a common type of Quicksand. Can be found in a desert or beach. It’s a thick liquid mass of sand. It’s very difficult to move in this stuff. Any living thing will sucked down when they fall in it.



It’s a more dangerous version of ordinary Quicksand. It can be found in jungle. It’s a mass of liquid mud and sand with a mixture of dead plants. It’s more liquid, but sticky and thick.



As the name suggests, it is liquid. It can be found in swamps as average ponds. It contains more liquid mud than solid and it can’t hold any weight. But it is too thick and viscous to trying to swim in it. If you fell in you could try to struggle to stay above its surface, but not for long.



This is a liquid version of slime. It can be found in the caverns near the surface. It’s semi-solid, thick slime that looks alive. You sink in it faster then you should, and its suction is very strong because it feels hunger and wants devour any living thing, Slimes will regenerate health while on these blocks.



It’s an average type of Quicksand. It can be found in swamps. It contains semi-liquid mud with a slightly dried layer on its surface. It’s strong enough to hold some weight, but only for a short period of time. If you walk on its surface you will not sink. But when you stop or get stuck in it you will start sinking. It’s a very thick and viscous mass that is almost impossible to move in, and any attempt to do so only pulls you deeper.



It’s also an insidious type of Quicksand. It can be found in swamps. It looks like solid, inconspicuous grass, but there is a bottomless bog under its cover. You can stand on it surface without any problem, but if you’re not careful you can break through the grassy layer and stuck in the deadly mire.



It’s a rare type of Quicksand. It can be found in jungle as large, flat pits. It’s a liquid clay-like substance covered by thin dried layer of hardened clay. When you step on it, you will break through of it and immediately get stuck in the thick clay mass. And then you will sink deeper quickly, with no chance to escape.



It’s a very rare type of Quicksand. It can be found in the whole world, but more often in Volcanic biomes, or in Nether. It’s a very sticky, thick substance. Any living thing that falls in it has no chance to escape. They will inevitably be slowly sucked under. Also this semi-liquid mass is very hot, and can be use as a fuel.



It’s also a very rare and unusual type of Quicksand. It can be found as a large number of small pits in roofed forest (swamps before 1.0.5). This pits filled with countless number of larva. No one can say what kind of larvae they are, or how they got here. They only want to swallow any living thing that falls to them. And if you fall in, you have no chance to escape. Large amounts of cobweb can be found near these pits.



It’s a rare type of Quicksand that can be found only in Nether. It’s an unusual type of soul sand that can be found anywhere in the Nether. But it’s cursed stuff that devours any living thing that falls into it. Its not only sucks you down, but it also can poison you with the wither effect if you stand in it or try to harvest. And what’s even more incredible is that it can curse any ground under it, turn it into Corrupted Sand, and also can slowly spread across the surface.



It’s a rare type of Quicksand that also can be found only in the Nether. It’s a living fleshy hole that devours all that is near it. It pulls them under without any chance of escape. And there is a Acid pool at the bottom of the pit that slowly digests them.



It’s a type of quicksand that is somewhere between normal and dry quicksand. It can be found in jungles or very rarely in forests. It’s a thick mix of sand and dirt surrounded by few amount of water, that forming very soft substance like a dough. It’s very difficult to move in this stuff and any movement cause you sink much faster.



Dense collections of webs used as nesting for spiders. While it can hold the weight of them, it cannot hold the weight of much else. These sticky strands won’t let go of any prey. It is very sticky, and extremely hard to escape on your own. They can be found in roofed forest and sometimes other areas where larvae pits would spawn.



A seemingly innocent block of wool, but in reality, the sinking rug is a devious trap will devour anyone who steps on it. These blocks of wool are magically enchanted with a special formula that causes them to gain quicksand-like properties. While they look like normal wool blocks, when you walk across them, you will get stuck and begin to sink! These blocks do not occur naturally, and must be crafted.

More Fun Quicksand Mod Showcase:

More Fun Quicksand Mod Recipes:

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GrapplingHooks parts:





GrapplingHook repair

Furnace recipes:




(BottleOfMire + Soul sand)

(Bottle of water + CorruptedSand)


Can be used different amount of wools. (1-8)

How to install More Fun Quicksand Mod 1.7.10

Download Links for More Fun Quicksand Mod 1.7.10

For Minecraft 1.7.10



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