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Ninjas Mod

Friday, 24/06/2022 - 03:00
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The Ninjas mod is a great mod that adds in new mobs and items. This mod adds some ninja content to the game



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To make these first you need to make a handle and a blade
handle –

= leather
blade –

Then you must fortify the blade by smelting it.
After you get your fortified blade, simply place the blade on top of the handle and you get a katana! They have the stats of an iron sword. (may be subject to change now that I can make new Tool enums with forge)
– me killing a ninja with a katana

Shuriken/Gauntlet types


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crafted by:

gives you 4 shurikens
Shurikens can be launched from Gauntlets.

crafted by:

= leather
Gauntlets, as said earlier, are used to shoot Shurikens.
– shuriken


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Burning Shurikens
Lights mobs they hit on fire, lights whatever they hit on fire.
Made by smelting a Shuriken.
– fire from flaming shuriken

Fire Gauntlets
used for… you guessed it! Shooting the flaming Shurikens.
made by smelting a Gauntlet.


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Explosive Shurikens
they make explosions smaller than tnt, and will kill most mobs they hit in the first shot. If you hit a creeper with these the explosion will be bigger.
– crafting, doesnt matter where you put the items

Explosive Gauntlets
I think you’ve got it by now, these shoot the explosive shurikens.
– crafting, doesnt matter where you put the items

Super Explosives

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Super Explosive Shurikens:
These make a blast the size of tnt. Will also kill most mobs they hit. You DO NOT want to hit a creeper with these…
If you hit a creeper with one of these it will make an explosion the size of 8F. To know what that means, tnt is 4F.
– crafting, doesnt matter where you put the items

Super Explosive Gauntlets
You know what these do.
– crafting, doesnt matter where you put the items
– damage from tnt and explosive shurikens XD


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throwing knifes, damage of wooden sword when used like a sword, can be thrown for iron sword damage, does not take damage but can not be picked up once thrown, stackable

make blade fragments

smelt iron

make a grip (handle)

make a kunai (this recipe now makes 2 kunais)

Then throw them

Ninja Armor

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the items you don’t recognize are ninja cloth scraps
all armor is equivalent to leather armor in protection, excluding its special effects
Ninja Helmet – allows you to breath underwater forever while wearing

Ninja Tunic – makes you immune to fire while wearing

Ninja Pants – makes you move faster while wearing

Ninja Boots – remove fall damage while wearing


All ninjas drop ninja cloth scraps as a “rare” drop, like skeletons that drop bows

Basic Ninjas

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Shoots shurikens at you, spawn at night in forests, taigas, and swamps, drop shurikens and gauntlets when killed

ninja doing nothing (from 1.0)

ninja shooting me

Exploder Ninjas

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Shoots explosive shurikens at you, spawns at night in forests, taigas, and swamps, drops gunpowder and explosive shurikens when killed.

shooting an exploder ninja while a normal ninja looks at me

Rouge Ninjas

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Shoots burning shurikens at you, sometimes shoots normal shurikens, spawns at night in desert, drops burning shurikens and flint when killed.

Payable Ninjas

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They spawn in black huts! And… they also talk!
They will protect you like wolves, and they don’t move until you tame them or start destroying their house (they might move before that but I don’t think they will)

pictures, gives a walk-through of their features

finding their hut

looking inside

pay with iron to tame, they will tell you when they’re tamed

taming one, doesn’t normally take that many tries to tame

following me

gave one a katana, increases the damage it does

right clicking to stand still

starting moving again

gave one a gold ingot, spawned a wolf (50% chance of working), also drops 3 bones when wolf is spawned

timer until another can be spawned, I fixed the chat message not having “Ninja:” in front of it

Other things not mentioned in the pictures:
give them a gauntlet and some shurikens and they’ll use those until they run out of shurikens
to check how many shurikens your ninja has, right click them with an iron ingot

Assassin Ninjas:

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These guys have a kind of low spawn rate and little health, but they have one special thing. They are Invisible until they are close to you! And if you get to far from them they will disappear! Also they will be visible when they are not attacking anything (so you can see them in creative mode or from far away)
disappearing is broken!
example pictures –
– nothing
– Assassin Ninja!!

Boss Ninjas:

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Boss Ninjas spawn in houses that look like this –
NOTE: these will not spawn on previously generated worlds, you must make a new world or go to a not generated part of a world to spawn these
also DO NOT go on peaceful at any time if you want to battle these because they will de-spawn if you make it peaceful

they should be pretty uncommon
They are immune to fire
To start the boss ninja fight, right click him
first he will send a few guards at you
once you defeat those, right click him again and he will attack!
before you right click him twice, there is no point in hitting him as he will not lose any health

here is a video of the fight –
more details on them are in video description, including some small changes that were made
at the end of the video, the ninja boots are also shown
Drops a few ninja cloth scraps when killed

Guard Ninja

Show Spoiler
Boss Ninja spawns them to defend him, can be seen in the boss ninja fight video under the boss ninja section
Drops 1 ninja cloth scrap when killed
is also immune to fire

When they die, all ninjas will vanish in a poof of smoke!

– thanks to nico2167 for this idea

Ninja Spawn Eggs

Show Spoiler
all the vanilla mobs can be spawned from eggs, and now so can all of the ninjas!

Achievements: The become a ninja achievement can now be earned by crafting a shuriken!






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