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Paint Everything Mod 1.7.10

Thursday, 27/10/2022 - 09:00
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Paint Everything Mod 1.7.10 is a mod intended to simply add more color to your Minecraft world! This mod adds +282 new colored blocks/items to give you a variety of options when building your awesome creations. Do you want to use some Green Stone in your garden? How about some nice White Brick Stairs to replace those dull stairs you already have? Well, with Paint Everything, simply craft up some paint and some brushes, and you’re ready to go.


Wood Planks



Stone Bricks




Mod Showcases:

Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod

To get things started, you are going to want to find some dye in the color you wish to paint your block. If you are unable to find the specific dye that you need, NO WORRIES! Paint Everything adds many ways of obtaining these colors! After you find some dye, you are going to want to craft up a Paint Can to store your paint! Here is how to do so:

After crafting some paint cans, its time to fill them with paint! To do this, simply grab a color dye of your choosing, combine it with an empty paint can, and there you go! It’s time to do some painting! Well, almost. You can’t just go around throwing paint on blocks! We need to craft up some paint brushes in order to color those blocks! Simply shear a couple of sheep (or kill them, if you’re that kind of person), grab a few sticks, and your set!

Now that you have to necessary items to get started in Paint Everything, its time to get started painting! First, combine your clean paint brush with any colored paint can, and you are ready! Take that paint brush, walk up to a block, and wallah! You’ve got yourself a painted block! If you would like to return the block to its original state, simply make a paint scrapper and scrape off the paint, or paint over it with a different color!

Every block that can be painted comes in 15 different colors. These colors are Black, Red, Green, Brown, Blue, Light Blue Purple, Gray, Light Gray. Cyan, Pink, Lime, Yellow, Orange, & White!

To make the new stairs (only new one is Stone Stairs), you use the exact same recipe that you do with Vanilla Stairs. However, in order to craft up some fences, you will need to use the following recipes:

How to install Paint Everything Mod 1.7.10

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