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SimpleGuns Mod

Monday, 27/06/2022 - 18:00
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SimpleGuns is a gun mod, as you could probably have guessed. But, at risk of sounding cliche, this one is different.

This mod features 10 guns. Three of them have bayonet-equipped variants and one has a scoped variant, for a total of 14 guns. There are also throwable bombs, which come in four materials and three types. It also has ramrods, which improve the rate of fire of certain guns, and gun racks, a block that allows you to show off your guns by placing them on a wall. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce them:

The Guns:

Stat Definitions

Flintlock Pistol

Flintlock Musket



Bolt-Action Rifle:


Revolver Gunblade

Light Machine Gun


Double-Barrel Shotgun


Bombs are throwable explosive devices. There are three types and four materials, for a total of 12 varieties. Being large and round, they can only stack 8 times.



Other Items

Gunsmithing Workbench

As of version 3.0, Guns are no longer craftable through the regular crafting system. Instead, the gunsmithing workbench provides a simple, five-slot crafting system. Each slot represents a specific part of the gun: grip, mechanism 1 and 2, magazine, and barrel. The GUI looks like this:

The block itself looks like this:

Gun Racks

Gun racks are blocks that can be placed similarly to ladders. They can store a single gun. When a gun is stored on the gun rack, it will change to look like the gun for aesthetic purposes.


Ramrods give a 100% speed bonus to all flintlock weapons (flintlock pistol, musket, and blunderbuss) simply by keeping one in your inventory. They are good for 24 uses, and will break afterwards.


Miscellaneous Parts:

Gunsmithing Workbench:


Short Barrel:

Medium Barrel:

Revolver Magazine:

Magazine Holder:

Long Barrel:

Bolt Mechanism:

Bullet x3:


Pistol Grip:

Rifle Stock:

Shell Tube:

Double Barrel:

Guns (Gunsmithing Workbench):

Gun Grip Mechanism 1 Mechanism 2 Magazine Barrel
Flintlock Pistol Pistol Grip Spring Flint and Steel None Short Barrel
Flintlock Musket Rifle Stock Spring Flint and Steel None Long Barrel
Blunderbuss Rifle Stock Spring Flint and Steel None Medium Barrel Barrel
Revolver Pistol Grip Spring None Revolver Magazine Short Barrel
Pistol Pistol Grip Spring None Magazine Holder Short Barrel
Bolt-Action Rifle Rifle Stock Bolt Mechanism None Magazine Holder Long Barrel
Light Machine Gun Rifle Stock Spring None Magazine Holder Medium Barrel
Shotgun Rifle Stock Spring None Shell Tube Medium Barrel
Double-Barrel Shotgun Rifle Stock Spring Spring None Double Barrel

Guns (Regular Crafting):

Scoped Rifle


Gun with Bayonet


Musket Ball x4:

Box of Bullets:

Rifle Clip:

Shotgun Shells x2

Blunderbuss Ammo x2:


Regular Bombs:

Sticky Bombs:

Instant Bombs:


Gun Rack:



  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download this mod. Move the whole .zip file (don’t extract anything) into .minecraft/mods.
  3. Run the game and have fun!



For Minecraft 1.5.2



For Minecraft 1.5.1


For 1.4.7/1.4.6



For Minecraft 1.4.5



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