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Useful Cheats Mod 1.4.7

Sunday, 30/10/2022 - 09:00
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Hello. Useful Cheats Mod 1.4.7 is a multiplayer cheat mod. it is chat-based currently

Command list:

Note: Put a . in front of all commands in Automatic mode

Automatic mode commands:

I would like to explain the new lowhealth command. Basically, when your health hits a set (Currently unconfigurable  I’ll change that later) amount, it will send the server a command (Again, Currently unconfigurable) for you to teleport away. The default health level is 8 and the default command is ‘/spawn’. This could be most useful in PvP situations, or if you fall in lava.

Additionally it displays the biome you are in as well as the coords of your player. And it has a real-time clock. Isn’t that the best thing you have seen? Don’t lie now. When your connection is slow a counter will show up displaying the connection. As of 1.3.0 it will show your current mode (Chat or Command). As of 1.13.0 Your FPS and Chunk updates will show up on screen.

Multiplayer settings. This will contain options for anything that isn’t a command. It will receive updates as time goes on. Currently, this has a Session Id changer. Works best for offline servers and LAN parties. Will not work on any server that does is not in offline mode. As of 1.14.0 there is a button to switch between Automatic and Manual command modes. Auto will work only if you put a . in front of the command. Manual is using .mode. As of 1.14.1 this option saves. As of 2.2.1, there is a HUD Stats tab. You can turn off any HUD stat here (Excludes active commands). As of 2.3.0, All HUD Stats are off while the debug screen (Aka F3) is open.


Useful Cheats Mod Installation:

Useful Cheats Mod Changelogs:


Download Links for Useful Cheats Mod 1.4.7

For Minecraft 1.5.1


For Minecraft 1.4.7


For Minecraft 1.4.2


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